Thursday, April 26, 2007

Welcome to Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty

During the last few years there has been a proliferation of blogs and web sites trying to break through and counter the propaganda clutter put out by Cuba's Castro regime. We have had some success in getting our side of the story out there but while our work as bloggers is valuable separately, we can accomplish much more by pooling resources and ideas.

Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty was founded as a confederation of blogs and web sites that share a common goal of helping the cause of Cuban liberty in whatever small ways we can. Today we are incorporated in Florida as a non-profit corporation but the objective of BUCL remains the same: to create and implement concrete action plans, which we call campaigns, that are easy to participate in that will generate a lot of awareness about the Cuban reality.

Periodicially campaign proposals will be sent out to interested bloggers who will have an opportunity to sponsor the campaign. Because most of these campaigns will require at least some cash outlay, a donation will be required of campaign sponsors to help defray these costs. The required donation will vary by campaign. You can sponsor as many or as few campaigns as you want. In other words you may not like one particular campaign yet love the next one. Sponsor what you like and decline what you don't like.

In exchange for their contribution, campaign sponsors will receive a campaign logo that they can place or their blogs or sites and will be listed on all campaign-related communications such as this blog, press releases etc. Campaign sponsors will be able to keep track of campaign progress on this blog.

Drop us an email if you are interested in receiving our current/next proposal. Details will be posted here when appropriate.

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Miguel Vinuesa said...

Muy buenas!

Soy un periodista católico y español y vivo en Madrid. Me encantaría conocer a la gente que hacéis posible esta iniciativa. Mis datos de contacto, en mi perfil de Blogger.

Ánimo, y gracias por estar ahí por la Cuba oprimida!