Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Campaign Sponsor Profile: The Real Cuba

If there's a site on the internet that does more to disabuse people of the notions that fidel castro would have you believe about Cuba today than, I haven't seen it. Simply put, you must visit this site. Run by George, this is, as you can imagine, an invaluable resource and often an argument ender. Among his many sections there are areas where you can see the real Cuba Bc (Before castro) and see the Cuban "healthcare miracle" for yourself.

I've had the opportunity to meet George personally on a couple of occasions at the studios of Radio Mambi, and you won't find a more gracious and articulate guy. The beginnings of go back to AOL forums where George encountered castroite propaganda and rampant censorship. George fought back, and he fought back and he fought back. Eventually he decided that the mission of telling the truth about Cuba was so important that the whole world needed to know about it, not just AOL members.

Cuban Style Hospital (not for tourists)

George, we're lucky to have you as a colleague and lucky to have you as a sponsor of the BUCL campaign for Cuban Independence from Spain. If you are interested in receiving the full campaign proposal as a potential sponsor at the $100 level drop me an email.

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