Saturday, May 5, 2007

Spain's role in Cuba today

Some Spaniards are taking offense to several things about this campaign already and it hasn't begun yet. They are feeling that the criticism is unfair. Well let's see what the US State Department has to say about Spanish involvement in Cuba.

Spain is among the most important foreign investors in Cuba. The ruling Zapatero government continues Spain’s longstanding policy of encouraging further investment and trade with Cuba. Cuba imports more goods from Spain (almost 13% of total imports) than from any other country. Spanish economic involvement with Cuba is exclusively centered on joint venture enterprises that provide financial benefit to the Cuban Government through state-owned firms. Spain’s desire to provide support to its business community often impedes its willingness to pressure the Cuban Government on political reform and human rights issues.
And to think that Euros like to call Americans savage capitalists. It's lamentable that some of our Spanish cousins will surely be offended in the coming weeks but you have break eggs to make omelettes. When the Spanish government starts to do something to effect change in Cuba we'll be the first to applaud.

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asombra said...

Whatever criticism or complaints come (as they surely will) from the Spanish camp in response to this campaign, those behind the campaign must not even begin to sugarcoat, downplay or worry about soothing ruffled feathers. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and it's past time to call it like it is and let the chips fall where they may.

We have nothing to justify. Spain has screwed Cuba, over and over and over. It's not a matter of isolated incidents or some recent development. It's a longstanding, well established pattern of exploitation, opportunism and what amounts to complicity with the totalitarian regime that has destroyed Cuba.

If anybody needs to apologize and make amends, it is Spain. If it does not, it deserves no better than the contempt and rejection of all Cubans who have any dignity and self-respect. BASTA YA de aguantar traiciones.