Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why Spain?

That's the question a reader asked under another post. The answer is simple. Spain is in bed with the Castro regime and is a willing participant in the unfair labor practices in Cuba and the tourist apartheid there as well.

Spain has single-handedly sabotaged Europe's attempts at a harder line with regards to the regime. This despite the fact that the Spanish probably have the most influence on Cuba.

The Cuba Transition Project maintains a database of foreign investment projects in Cuba. It currently details 618 such projects. Of the countries currently investing in Cuba Spain leads the way with 195 of these projects. The next closest country is Canada with 86.

Of the 169 hotel projects in the database, Spain is responsible for 79.

So you can see that Spain is invested to the hilt in Cuba (or hasta el collĂ­n as a Cuban might say). The reader asked if I really believe that the Spanish don't want democracy for Cuba. And I have to wonder if Zapatero even wants democracy for Spain. But the answer is, yes. I believe that there are a lot Spaniards who don't want democracy for Cuba, starting with Zapatero and certainly not ending with the businessmen that manage all of these ventures in Cuba. Why would they have any stake in change in Cuba if they are making money hand over fist right now?


Jose Reyes said...

Great Job Nelson! I want to say also that Nelson's CubanCast link:http://www.nelsonguirado.com/index.php/cubanocast is outrages! He's a great authority of music from Cuba, with a great collection of Cuban Music to boot. Jose (Cubanology.com)

asombra said...

It is very important to reject any notion of Spain as somehow entitled to lead the way or be an authority on Cuba-related policy by any other country. Spain has screwed Cuba so badly, so often and so long that it doesn't have one iota of moral authority on the matter. It is beneath the dignity of any respectable Cuban to accept any such pretension from Spain.

The only proper role for Spain is to apologize officially for what it's done, stop any and all activities that favor a totalitarian or non-democratic state in Cuba, and find ways to make amends to the Cuban people for its absolutely disgusting and treacherous behavior towards Cuba.

I'm not interested in sentimental issues or empty rhetoric. It's way too late for that. Put up or shut up, and leave Cuba the hell alone. With a "friend" or "relative" like Spain, we don't need enemies.