Saturday, June 2, 2007

Secretary Rice on Spain's misguided "engagement"

From WaPo:

Cuba has "a major transition coming," she said, alluding to the illness of longtime leader Fidel Castro. "I think democratic states have an obligation to act democratically, to support opposition in Cuba, not to give the regime the idea that it is just going to be transition from one dictatorship to another."

Talking to reporters after a long meeting, Moratinos and Rice tried to play down their differences by noting that they shared the goal of a democratic government for Cuba. But when Moratinos defended the Spanish approach of engagement with the Cuban government and suggested that eventually Rice would see the merit of that method, Rice rolled her eyes, turned to U.S. reporters and silently mouthed, "Don't hold your breath."

"I have real doubts about the value of engagement with a regime that is anti-democratic and that appears to be arranging a transition from one anti-democratic regime to another anti-democratic regime," Rice said.

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asombra said...

The Zapatero-Moratinos approach to the Cuba situation is, for all practical purposes, overwhelmingly rejected and reviled by those Cubans who are free to express themselves on the matter. Shouldn't that tell the Spanish something? Shouldn't it make them wonder, just a little bit, about the supposed wisdom of their policy of appeasement?

Of course it should, but they totally ignore it because this has essentially NOTHING to do with helping Cuba. This is about Spain and what IT wants from the situation. The rest is worthless lip service.