Friday, August 29, 2008

Campaign wrap-up

Thankfully this BUCL campaign ended quickly because of a positive resolution. Gorki is no longer being detained and an amazing number of people stood in solidarity with him.

I want to thank our sponsors and donors who once again put their faith in me and came through so quickly.

Now, about the campaign. This was obviously a huge story and our press release was just a tiny grain of sand among all the words that were written about Gorki in the last few days. It makes us incredibly happy to know that our activity was insignificant in comparison to the groundswell of support that Gorki received from around the world.

Still, I think I should report the results of our short campaign.

First is this video (pardon the quality) of Telemundo's network news today.

Below is a sampling of some of the editorial and syndication we got along with some blog coverage:


Cerebros Prometéicos said...

Cuba libre!

Anonymous said...

España = ¿País de Pandereta?