Friday, May 18, 2007

Hitting the nail on the head

Marc Masferrer, a BUCL campaign Sponsor, and a leading blogger on the matter of Cuba, Cuba's dissident movement and its political prisoners, has made an excellent post to kick off this Independence Friday.

Spain's failure in Cuba

Spain, Cuba's new best friend in Europe, has betrayed Cubans struggling for liberty for the last time.

They now know what to expect from Madrid.

"I think that (the Spanish government) must give us satisfaction, an excuse for this humilation and these agreements with a government, with a tyranny which totally ignores the violation of human rights," said Lady in White Miriam Leiva, last month after Spain re-normalized relations with Havana...
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asombra said...

There is no humiliation in being snubbed, ignored or betrayed by base hypocrites who have neither honor nor shame. Someone like Moratinos, not to mention his boss, is not fit to be in the same building with the Ladies in White. It is he and his government who have committed auto-defecation--the stain and stench are still there, and likely to remain so.