Friday, May 18, 2007

Sponsor Spotlight: T.E.P. and Cuba Companioni

It's the eve of the official kickoff of the BUCL campaign for Cuban independence from Spain and I need to profile two last bloggers.

First of all is Tomás Estrada-Palma, who is the the great grandson of Don Tomás Estrada-Palma, the first President of Cuba (1902-1906), and he's not shy about it.

His blog is relatively new, dating back to September of 2006, but he's made good use of his time.

Here's an excerpt from one of my favorite posts of his:

No Toilet Paper

Going to a place like Cuba for a vacation is a wonderful experience that all lefties, liberals and tyrant supporters should partake. Their distorted view of economics and actual reality on the island make them sitting ducks for the socialist treatment. While we hate that their tourist vacation investment dollars and euros prop up Raul, you better believe that Canadians and Europeans are returning home in droves converted by their experience. True, most still do not have a clue of what is the right thing to do concerning Cuba. But they sure as hell know what's going on there now is completely wrong. Somehow not having adequate toilet paper, clean drinking water and decent food for a week or two has had the effect of wrenching the tourists' eyes open and clearing the ear canals. These tourists enter Cuba with their hearts in their hand filled with ideology and good will then have their wallet lifted and their kid's shoes stolen by the locals. They return home wondering why this happened to them and try to brush it off as just bad luck.
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Thank you Tomás for supporting BUCL.

And last but not least is Cuba Companioni, edited by everyone's favorite paisano Roberto Companioni.

Companioni is like family to me because he's Val Prieto's ( cousin and Val is like a brother to me. Companioni dedicates a good portion of his blog to his Blog Talk Radio endeavors. And thank God for that because he bailed me out of a jam last night on Babalu Radio hour when Val couldn't co-host. Roberto, you can ride shotgun any day my friend.

Companioni has been quite active blogging about Spain and its abuses of the Cuban people. Please go read his posts on the matter and learn from such experts as Carlos Alberto Montaner who has spent most of his exile life in Spain and wrote an excellent piece called The Ugly Spaniard

Now stay tuned for announcements on Saturday.

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