Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Iberia Airlines, the latest Spanish business to denigrate Cubans

Take a look at this animated promotional video from Iberia Airlines and then tell me the Spanish care about the plight of Cubans.

I was made aware of the video by George, of who happens to be a sponsor of our current campaign, The campaign for Cuban Independence from Spain. A comment at another campaign sponsor site, sums up my thoughts on the matter:

By now, the Spanish simply cannot claim ignorance of the fact that Cuba is a seriously oppressive, rigidly totalitarian society NONE of them would want for themselves or their loved ones. Yet here they are totally ignoring that, as if it were a trivial matter, and simply serving up visions of mulata tits and ass to eager Spanish customers.

The message is clear: "Never mind that Cubans live in a horrible system under horrible conditions. That can be turned to our advantage. The poor natives are desperate enough to cater to the most repulsive, fat, oily old Spaniard, and the price is quite reasonable. Just look at that succulent mulata flesh, just waiting to be had! So come on down to Cuba, and have a good old time while the getting's still good!"


Songuacassal said...

I surprised that the Rainbow-Push coalition has not caused up a storm with how these mulatas contain black caricature features reminisent of those racist images of the early 20th century. Not to mention how these mulatas are pampering a white infant. It's blantant racism on Spain's part. So where the hell is Jesse Jackson when you need him? Didn't he cause up a storm back in 2001 demanding an apology for salvery from Europe! Where is that hipocrite now?

Oh wait... but this is Cuba... heehee... nobody gives a shit about how Cuban's are treated, after all, Cubans have such um... amazing health care right?

Roberto Jesus Companioni said...

how about a boycott of Iberia for our next campana? after all that's how most of their tourists come to Cuba.

asombra said...

Just think of this as "Mulata Mammies for white Spanish males." The pink pimpmobile is a nice touch, no? And those grotesquely distorted facial features surely reflect the deep and abiding respect of the animator(s) and Iberia for, you know, "darkies." I'm sure it's all quite innocent. This has absolutely nothing to do with cheap sexploitation of an oppressed and miserable country. Nothing at all. Just have some mojitos and chill.