Friday, May 11, 2007

Marc Masferrer, my "brother from another mother" has an incredible blog. The reality is that his fellow journalists could learn about integrity if they only took 10 minutes a day to read Uncommon Sense.

Every day, Marc keeps us up to date with accounts of repression the so-called mainstream media refuses to publish, preferring instead to stick with the same old script about Cuban healthcare, education, etc. etc. He tells us which dissidents have been harrassed, which ones have been arrested, which have been the subject of the despicable state-sponsored "acts of repudiation."

Simply put, Marc is the man. He's the one that should be winning awards, not a self-hating Cuban-American columnist that have been hired to divide our community. Here's a favorite post:

Dreaming in Cuban

Forty-eight years tonight, Cuba's nightmare began.

And so did the story of my family in America.

The things that have defined the latter — namely, education, good careers and most importantly, freedom — drive me to do whatever I can to help break the grip of the former, whether it is working on Uncommon Sense or some other chapter in my life still to come.

An horrific dictatorship, whose latest crimes against humanity I try to document here, came to power 48 years ago tonight. And, in part, because of a compliant world purposefully blind to that horror, the dictator and his cronies continue to terrorize their own people. No one in the world, even in America, can consider themselves entirely free, as long as Cubans are enslaved. To remain silent, only magnifies that crime.

For my part, I pledge in 2007 to continue Uncommon Sense, both exposing the truth about the dictatorship and telling the stories of the brave Cuban men and women — the political prisoners, the independent journalists and librarians, the human rights activists, etc. — who stand up to the regime, in the name of freedom for their fellow citizens, and for the whole world.

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Jose Reyes said...

Great Job Marc! I say of all the Cuban-American Bloggers, Marc and Alex of Yanomas are situated on the forefront, concerning all the political prisoners in Cuba. They are constantly on it, day by day, everyday. Thank you Marc and Alex for your hard work. Jose(