Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spanish Parliament rejects motion on Cuban political prisoners

From Diario Las Americas

The Spanish Parliament today rejected a motion by the conservative Popular Party (PP) about political prisoners in Cuba, arguing that the motion is an initiative that follows the dictates of the foreign policy of the United States.

The majority in the plenary session of the Chamber was against the motion made by the main opposition party, which asked the Spanish Executive to demand from the Cuban government the “immediate” liberation of 134 “political prisoners” condemned “for defending democracy, freedom and human rights” on the island.

The text was rejected by a majority which accused the PP of being the “representative” in Spain of the American “empire."

In defense of the motion, a PP deputy, Jorge Moragas, explained that that initiative is a consequence of the recent “outrageous” trip to Cuba by the Foreign Minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos.

The minister was heavily criticized by the Popular Party because, during his stay in the Caribbean island in April, he did not meet with Cuban dissidents.

According to Moragas, the “most injurious” consequence of that trip is that the [Spanish] government has opened a “deep wound” with the democratic movement in Cuba which, in his opinion, it is necessary “to heal” for the sake of the “good name” of Spain and to demonstrate “sincere friendship” with the Cuban people...

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asombra said...

This clearly demonstrates what was already evident: Spain is far more motivated by its resentment against the US than by any wish to help Cuba. It would rather go counter to what it perceives as American interests than act on behalf of innocent victims of a totalitarian dictatorship.

These are the people who tear their garments and foam at the mouth at the mere mention of Franco, yet they have no apparent problem in doing business with Castro and catering to his regime, as Moratinos so blatantly did. It's not just hypocrisy; it's baseness motivated by the only thing Spain has ever really wanted from Cuba: profit, or the prospect thereof.

There is no way to justify this. The guilty parties can spin and dance and disinform all they want, lie all they want and shed copious crocodile tears. Cubans have been very foolish historically regarding Spain, but we are not THAT stupid. I only hope Cuba will remember and, when it becomes possible, do what dignity and self-respect demand.