Monday, May 7, 2007

Spanish opposition leader lambastes Socialist Zapatero government policies

From Spanish Newspaper, ABC.

The PP accuses the Government “of being an accomplice” and beholden to the Castro dictatorship

4-26-2007 03:29:03


The deputy of the Grupo Popular, Gustavo de Arístegui, was very critical of the Government yesterday during an interpellation in the lower house about the visit that foreign minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos, made to Cuba at the beginning of this month. Arístegui accused Moratinos of being a “silent accomplice” by not commenting during a joint press conference with his Cuban counterpart, Felipe Perez Roque, when he one labeled the political prisoners on the island as “mercenaries and terrorists."

The popular spokesman of the Commission of foreign affairs also described the policy of the Government as “complacent, complicit, friendly, and accommodating to the Castro dictatorship.” Also, he affirmed that the minister “had insulted and humiliated the dissidents” with whom he did not meet during his stay in Cuba and assured that the new stage that Moratinos claimed to have opened with his visit “is a stage of surrender and betrayal.”

Moratinos, on the other hand defended the policy of the Executive, indicating that it allows him to know better what is happening in Cuba and even assuring that his visit has had “the effect to grant visibility to the opposition, because it has obtained coverage in the international press.” Additionally, the minister said that “there are signs to believe in beginning of change in Cuba,” but insisted that the future of that country, cannot be decided from outside, but “must decided by Cubans.”

Berlin Conference
Indeed the subject of the democracy in Cuba brought together yesterday, in Berlin, politicians from different countries, in a conference organized by the Christian Democrat Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the the International Committee for Democracy in Cuba (CIDC), headed by the Czech ex-president Vaclav Havel. The attendees pleaded for a pacific transition in Cuba and expressed their will to negotiate, as much with the successor of Fidel Castro as with the dissidents, informs EFE.

Havel appealed for “international solidarity” with the dissidents and the Spaniard Jorge Moragas, secretary of International relations of the PP, affirmed that the democratic countries “will not accept a Korean-style hereditary dictatorship."
The money quote here is from Moratinos, as he tries to justify not only his trip (so that he can be better informed of the situation in Cuba, you see. At least as much as he can learn while being wined and dined and glad-handing with raul, dictator jr.) but also his snubbing of the Cuban dissidents. It was for their own good you see, now they have some press coverage. Gee Mr. cretino Moratinos, with friends like you, who needs enemies?


asombra said...

Moratinos is a Spanish version of Neville Chamberlain, but at least Chamberlain looked serious and respectable--Moratinos looks like a sex tourist.

He was smiling or laughing so much during his Cuba visit that one would have thought he was on a Caribbean pleasure cruise or a resort vacation, instead of a horrible place whose inhabitants are desperate to escape. I doubt he can even spell "scruple," much less feel one. He's a true reflection of his employers.

There's nothing to be done with people like these except get them out of power. The Spanish voters have that capacity. Let them use it.

Cubalibre said...

No fumen ustedes tantas drogas, comienza a reblandecerseles el cerebro.