Monday, June 25, 2007

BUCL campaign proposal

Are you a blogger or webmaster, or even a reader, that would like to do something to counter the propaganda that comes out of Havana? Perhaps then you'd be interested in sponsoring the next campaign from Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty. Our first campaign brought attention to Spanish exploitation of Cuban workers. We received local and international news coverage as well as blog coverage.

We are now recruiting sponsors for the second campaign.


The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness of Cuba's political prisoners which the regime tries to make invisible. We will be conducting two activities surrounding the South Florida stop of the highly anticipated world tour of The Police.

As you may know, Sting, The lead singer and bassist of The Police was very outspoken on human rights during the 1980s, denouncing both the Pinochet and Apartheid regimes of Chile and South Africa respectively. That's why we were surprised that The Police accepted an invitation from the castro regime to play in Havana in December.

Details of what we plan to do will be available in the campaign proposal which I will email to those who contact me about it. Please include which blog or web site you represent (if you represent one).

We need sponsors to cover the costs of the activities and this campaign will cost $60 to sponsor. Those who are interested in helping but that don't wish to sponsor, can donate a lesser amount or simply help by blogging about our campaign (feel free to post the logo above on your blog).

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