Saturday, June 23, 2007

Spanish Socialist making sense

In the video below, Spanish Socialist, Ramon Jauregui explains his view of corporate responsibility. He warns Spanish companies doing business with the Castro regime, that when change comes to Cuba there will be a debt to be paid, that there will be a moral judgement of responsibility coming.

He also explains that while economists say the market doesn't necessarily reward corporate responsibility, they also say it certainly punishes irresponsibility. This is a stern warning from a Spaniard to other Spaniards that they are collaborating with an oppressive regime.

Special thanks to Fantomas, a BUCL campaign sponsor for bringing this video to our attention.


Anonymous said...

Una cosa es lo que piensa el borracho y otra lo que piensa el camarero"

A los espaƱoles les vamos a dar por el cieso ,igual que ellos an hecho con los cubanos.

Anonymous said...

The issue is that families (namely the sons, daughter, etc) from the actual regime in CUBA are living (even doing professional carers) in Spain while encouraging Spanish corporations to invest in the island. Voices as "the Spanish solution to the Cuban case" are common in Spain.

They (the Cuban communist) are trying to extend their power in the island even after a change through Spain.