Monday, July 30, 2007

Human Rights? Who cares, they serve a great mojito.

Well it seems, not surprisingly, that our appeal to Sting to do the right thing and stand up for human rights in Cuba (and join the organization he has been so closely aligned with in doing so) has fallen on deaf ears. The New York Times, has a review of a new NYC bar called "Socialista" and says that the club's owner (a former bouncer) "recruited the TV producer Ben Silverman, Harvey Weinstein and Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler, to invest, and Giuseppe Cipriani to create the menu for Socialista’s ground-floor restaurant."

Adorning the wall of this place "is a striking black-and-white snapshot. Taken in Cuba in 1959, it shows a relaxed Fidel Castro sitting next to a fresh-faced Lauren Bacall."

How quaint. Sting, while you're at the bar, would you mind bringing back some drinks for the 300+ political prisoners that rot in Cuba's dungeon for daring to disagree with your poster boy?


Anonymous said...

Ah, what a fine tribute to their "socialist" heroes. I understand a Mojito there costs 16 bucks. They are true che thinkers.


Well, a $16 mojito would have gone quite well with Che's $5K Sub-Mariner Rolex while relaxing at his extensive Tarara Estate outside Havana. Yeah, a real man of the people.