Monday, July 16, 2007

Fidel Castro, The Demolition Man


Anonymous said...

Nice try. I guess you didn't consider that the US blockade has anything to do with the shortage of construction supplies in Cuba, eh?

Henry Gomez said...

What blockade? There are no Navy ships stopping goods from entering Cuba. I wasn't aware that the USA was the only country in the world that has construction supplies. Why doesn't Cuba simply get it's construction supplies from Canada where it gets its tourists from? And speaking of tourists, why doesn't the "blockade" prevent building materials from reaching the tourist hotels that are constantly being built? Sorry charlie, your answer is a transparent cop-out. But that's not surprising, I haven't met a smart communist yet. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

First - the tourists are from Mexico, Europe and a few illegals from the US as well - not just Canada. Second - the blockade (or "embargo" as we say in English) is economic, not military, so you wouldn't expect the Navy to be there. Third, Cuba is an
.. and its in the path of many of the hurricanes heading North - so you could expect to see that type of damage sometimes, especially along the coast where those (repeated) pictures were taken. Finally, the embargo would affect construction in Cuba - since products from the US would arrive faster and cost less were they available (according to the most recent US government report published last week).

and just because someone doesn't agree with your right-wing view of Cuba doesn't mean they are a commie.


Henry Gomez said...

Well miss smarty pants, your use of the word "blockade" shows your ignorance about Cuba and the Spanish language. An embargo is an embargo and a blockade is a bloqueo. Cuba uses the incorrect word on purpose to portray itself as a country under assault. They want all of their apologists to use the word too because as we all know when you tell a lie enough times it eventually becomes the truth (at least in people's mind). Secondly, of course there are tourists from all over the world going to Cuba. My point was that Canada is a country that is similar culturally and has many of the same resources as the US and trades with Cuba every day. The lack of building supplies can't be attributed to the embargo because you can buy those materials from any country. Did you know Cuba exports concrete?

Lastly, those pictures are not of hurricane damage. Miami gets hit by hurricanes and it doesn't cause concrete buildings to crumble on their own weight. There were hurricanes in Cuba before castro too and you see the pictures of what those buildings look like. Only 50 years of neglect by the demolition man can do that. And yes some of the pictures are repeated because I wanted to finish the film and it was late.

You may not be a commie but you sure do make excuses for them. Keep coming back sweety. I'll always have the last word.