Saturday, July 14, 2007

Not so "many miles away"

Dear Sting,

You know Amnesty International? That group that you have served as spokesperson for? In 2003, you said "I feel that Amnesty International is the most civilized organization in history." Well maybe you should take a few minutes today to read their report on an atrocity committed by the Castro regime back in 1984. The Cuban government sank a tug boat stolen by Cubans trying to flee the island. They ordered firing of water cannons at the stolen tug, killing women and children among the 35 that lost their lives that day.

I only mention this because we just mourned the 13th anniversary of this incident. Perhaps you should ask for a meeting with the survivors of the incident and the relatives of those who perished when you and your fellow Police band mates play the proposed concert in Cuba in December. Of course you could go there and say nothing.

The choice is yours.


Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty


Anonymous said...

Magnifico link que me envia un amigo. Sin embargo este link se pone en un Forum en Ingles The Miami Herald "√čnd of Castro Era" donde aparecen muchos "nativos"de aqui, que nos desprecian,y minimizan siendo ignorantes de la tragedia cubana. Esto viene de una maestra retirada, cuando puse el link que dignamente ustedes representan:
Bloggers, that's what your seeds have germinated. More words and no action at all - just like you and your best bud Kairoa. Blossoming hot hair, blowing through cyberspace. What a hoot!!
Seguiremos adelante.
Joe Noda

Jorge Santos said...

Sting and The Police should know "Everything" about Cuba and the Castro regimen before their visit to the Island. Castro, a first class Human Right violator since day one, seems now an Alzheimers patient still with hate in his heart toward his own people.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

According to Humberto Fontova, two of the three members of The Police visited Cuba and are gushing supporters of Fidel Castro. So don't expect sympathy from "The Secret Police".