Monday, July 9, 2007

Stung by The Police

Invisible Ones campaign Sponsor, In another country...ninety miles away, shares feelings on The Police and their reported concert in Cuba, planned for December.

I still can't understand. They are supposedly playing Havana. I saw that personally on their tour website a while back. It's a concert for their Cuban fans, they said. And while I understand that could be a good thing. Remember the Beatles in the USSR? I have to question it when I see the "Fidel" caps for sale on that same website. I remember Trudy Styler and her nightspot "Socialista." And I ask my self, "Why are Cubans less?" Sting could condemn apartheid in South Africa, publicize the plight of the desaparecidos in Chile with his "They Dance Alone," but somehow what has happened to the Cuban people is okay. It is also okay to ignore or mock the sensibilities of Cubans who have had to flee the country in pursuit of freedom.
Please join us tonight for our candlelight vigil in Miami to appeal to Sting to do the right thing and denounce the human rights situation in Cuba.

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I will be there tonite